From healthy fundraising products and fresh produce markets to family walk events and nutrition education programs, Fresh Hope delivers innovative and relevant business and philanthropic models that bring healthful solutions to our customers and community partners.


Pioneered nearly 60 years ago as one manís hard work selling a small truckload of a single item every day, Coast Produce has grown to a $100MM company bringing steady, consistent and entrepreneurial leadership to a quickly changing industry and ever expanding, global marketplace.


Fresh Hope Group, Inc. was created in 2009 as a passionate response to the alarming rise of obesity and chronic disease in America, and as a commitment by its founders to promote healthier alternatives that would strengthen families and help to improve the overall health in our local communities.


Cheri Dunn, Sarah Dunn, Jessica Shepard, John Dunn, and Jeff Shepard

Fresh Hope Group, Inc. was founded by the Dunn family, owners of Coast Produce Company in Los Angeles, California. Spanning four generations, Coast Produce Company has established itself as a premier provider of quality fruits & vegetables for both the retail and foodservice industries. It is this experience & expertise that enables Coast Produce to provide customers with the freshest, most tasteful peak of the season products available at any given time.