Helping churches influence change in community towards a healthier lifestyle

Sunday Grocer is a unique, low-cost ministry model that helps the local church design and run its own outdoor, fresh produce market as a healthy, family friendly ministry.


Many Americans are concerned with the alarming rise of childhood obesity in the U.S. and resulting increase in cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses. As an established presence in the community, local churches can help to model and influence change in community towards a healthier lifestyle. Good nutrition is foundational for good health. Increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables plays a key role. Sunday Grocer provides the church with a fresh response to positively impact the physical, spiritual and emotional health of the communities they serve in the following ways:

  • Building a Healthy, Connected Community by creating a regular gathering place for all ages to fellowship after church, shop and encourage healthy lifestyles - Body, Mind and Spirit.
  • Neighborhood Outreach that meets a local need and helps to create a casual, welcoming environment for church members and neighbors to build natural connections.
  • Service Opportunities for individuals and families to serve together. Sunday Grocer is easily maintained by a few volunteers each week and provides a positive entry level, ministry experience.
  • Raising Funds for local groups, missions, outreach programs, youth camp/bus fund, etc.


Sunday Grocer has established several significant church partnerships in the Los Angeles area and has developed a simple, cost-effective model that can be easily replicated. Participating churches will needto provide:

  • Market location
  • Leadership support by staff
  • Volunteers to operate weekly program
  • Basic fixtures and accessories (8 ft tables, tents, simple décor if desired.)
  • Funding to support concept (primarily for produce purchase from Sunday Grocer).
  • Promotion

Sunday Grocer will provide initial training and work with you to define the scope of your program, depending on your resources and creativity. A simple, produce only setup is effective, but easily adaptable to a larger venue that can include other ministry elements such as music, healthy cooking demonstrations, artisans, a craft area for kids, free community services and health screenings.

Sunday Grocer can also provide merchandising support and signage.

Sunday Grocer is a simple concept that serves as a powerful tool in the hands of the local church to build healthier communities. For more information on starting a Sunday Grocer, please contact us at:

Sunday Grocer
1791 E. Bay Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 955-4900

Sunday Grocer is a program of FRESH HOPE GROUP, INC.